Vx.js, a nicer JavaScript

Update: 10/20/2010

I am no longer putting energy into the Vx JavaScript library. Instead I've shifted focus to ChocolateChip, a JavaScript framework for mobile Web app development. ChocolateChip is specifically designed for the constrained environment of mobile Web app development where size matters. The minified version is only 8k. That's tiny. ChocolateChip uses a jQuery-like syntax without wrapping everything up in an object. The time and energy which I put into developing Vx.js paid off since I was able to refactor a number of Vx's methods for ChocolateChip.js. The skills and experience I gained while working on Vx came to fruition when I began work on ChocolateChip. I'm really happy with how ChocolateChip turned out and really like the way it allows me to write code. It has a nice feel to it. No matter what you're doing in ChocolateChip, you are always dealing with straightforward JavaScript. ChocolateChip never forces you to use some type of obfuscated JavaScript objects when dealing with what it returns. Neither does it force you to only use its methods over native JavaScript methods. Everything is always naked JavaScript so you can mix and match ChocolateChip with any JavaScript you want to write.

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